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The DABANKING Project was born with a noble mission, which becomes the pioneering Utility Blockchain and creates an environment to build Dapps for Decentralized Entertainment Services. DABANKING take transparency, fairness and optimal user experience as criteria to develop.

One of DABANKING’s first Dapp products is the FomoJackpot lottery program with extremely smart, unique and interesting rules that promise to create a very strong fomo effect in the first month of launch. FomoJackpot gives thousands of players a chance to earn attractive money when the cryptocurrency market is experiencing a strong recover. It is expected that the first round of ticket selling will be on June 8th, 2019.

1. Time for each round

There will be two countdown clocks, Green Watch and Gold Watch:

  • The Green Watch will be set countdown for 48 hours. When the clock runs below 24 hours, each new ticket will add up to 30 seconds but no more than 24 hours.
  • The Gold Watch will be set countdown for 48 hours. The gold watch only starts to countdown when the current ETH prize is higher than the previous round.

The first round will be called Zero Round. At the Zero Round when the prize pool has a total of at least 300 ETH, the gold watch starts running.

2. Purchase Ticket

Each ticket has a starting price of 0.002 ETH and the price increases as the Gold Clock begins to run:

  • Call N is the current hour of Gold Watch (less than 60 minutes then N = 0)
  • Ticket Fare = 0.002 + 0.002 * (50-N) * 4%

When the Gold Watch started running, buying 1 ticket was awarded 2 more tickets (in total, you receive 3 tickets).

3. Instant Income

When each round starts, the faster you buy a ticket with the higher the Winning Multiplier, the more opportunities you will have to increase your income up to a maximum of 650% of the amount spent at Zero Round and up to 500% of money spent from Round 1 onwards.

The Winning Multiplier coefficient will decrease from x25 down to x1 depending on the number of tickets purchased at the beginning of each round.

A total of 20% of the ETH amount at the Zero Round will pay for the Speedy Income, but from Round 1 onwards there will be 14% (70% of 20%) of the ETH amount paid to the current round and 6% ( 30% of 20%) pay for the previous round, which means that each individual who buys a ticket will have the opportunity to receive the Speedy Income of 2 consecutive rounds.

  • Maximum Speedy IncomeR when ending the Zero Round:

= “ETH amount you bought at Zero” x “Winning Multiplier” x 20%

  • Maximum Speedy IncomeR when ending the Round 1:

= “ETH amount you bought at Zero” x “Winning Multiplier” x 6%

For example: you spend 10 ETH to buy a ticket when Winning Multiplier is x25 then the total ETH you receive is: 10 x 25 x 20% = 50 ETH. When ending ZERO, there is 10 x 25 x 6% = 15 ETH. Therefore, your total balance will be 650% as 65 ETH.

4. Referral Income


When you introduce a new comer buying ticket through your Ref link, you get unlimited income up to 17% for 10 levels below:

  • Level 1 : 6%
  • Level 2: 4%
  • Level 3: 2%
  • Level 4: 1%
  • Level 5: 1%
  • Level 6: 1%
  • Level 7: 0.5%
  • Level 8: 0.5%
  • Level 9: 0.5%
  • Level 10: 0.5%

5. Dividend Income

When you buy a ticket, you will also mine DAA Token. For every 0.05 ETH you use to buy a ticket, you can mine a DAA Token.

Dividend Pool will contain 10% of total ETH tickets purchased and all profits of FomoGame.

Once every 2 weeks, the dividend pool will be paid out according to the structure:

  • 70% of the ETH in the pool is divided equally to all accounts that have frozen DAA Token.
  • 30% of dividends pool will be added to the next 2-week dividend pool.

6. Prize Distribution

The entire ETH purchased Ticket is allocated as follows:

  • 50% into the award
  • 20% Speedy Income
  • 17%: Referral Income
  • 10% of dividends
  • 3% Develop new products

7. Prize


When having a ticket buyer, 50% of ETH sales will be allocated to the prize pool and divided as follows:

  • 50%: Diamond Chest
  • 20%: Ruby Chest
  • 5%: Gold Chest
  • 4%: Silver Chest
  • 1%: Drawer
  • 20%: Next Round

Diamond Chest

When one of the two clocks returns to 0, the “Draw Now” button will appear to activate the random and fair dial algorithm for everyone to select 6 winners. The probability of winning a ticket is the same at all times.

The ETH amount in Diamond Chest will be allocated to 6 lucky people as follows:

  • 50% for 1 lucky winner with Jackpot Prize
  • 10% for each of the other 5 winners in the large prize (50%)

Ruby Chest

Before one of the watches turn 0, the last ticket buyer is the KING OF KEY and holds the key to winning the entire Ruby Chest reward.

The winner is counted when the time of the transaction is successfully verified and last recorded on the blockchain before the time 1 of the 2 watches turns to 0.

Gold Chest

The Master Key Prize in Gold Chest is awarded to the person, who has buy the most ticket via ETH before 1 of the 2 watches turns to 0.

Silver Chest

The entire Ultimate Award in the Silver Chest is awarded to the person with the total sales of tickets coming from the largest F1, each taking no more than 1 ETH to calculate

For example: if you have 5 F1 each F1 purchase a ticket with 3 ETH (Total 5 F1 is 15 ETH) then your total Ultimate Ref sales are 5 ETH (because each F1 only takes a maximum of 1 ETH to add).

Drawer Prize

When 1 of 2 watches returns to 0, the “Draw Now” button will appear to activate the random dialing algorithm and has a total of 5 “Drawer” winners.

The person who successfully executes the first “Draw Now” will be rewarded with 60% of the Drawer prize and the remaining 4 people will each receive 10% of the prize.

The “Draw Now” button will appear 5 times each 5 minutes after the first “Draw Now” was previously confirmed successfully.

Next Round

20% of the ETH prize pool will be automatically transferred to the next round to ensure that prizes are always available at the beginning of each round to help develop the following rounds effectively.

8. A Unique Mechanism in 2019

  • FomoJackpot possesses an extremely smart and unique game rules, which motivates the leverage rounds to thrive from time to time in a round and between loops that promise to create a very fomo effect in this 2019.
  • With the first stage,as soon as the system opens the gate to deposit ETH, you need to buy a ticket in ZERO Round on June 8, 2019. To multiply 650% of your assets, we dare make sure that it takes less than 10 minutes after the opening, the multiplier immediately get to x1 if you don’t buy it quickly.
  • When you introduce new comers buying ticket through your referral link, you get unlimited income up to 17% for 10 levels. This income will be great if you work hard to develop community with FomoJackpot.
  • The random lottery prize at Diamond Chest creates a fair opportunity for people at all different times, when all 6 prizes are based on Blockchain’s random algorithm to find the 6 luckiest people. The probability of winning is the same at all times. This is an award inspired by Mega Millions lottery program in 2018, with the largest prize up to 1.6 billion USD.
  • An award will definitely make the whole community suprised is the KING OF KEY award for the person who has the last ticket before the clock reaches zero. The winner will own the whole amount of ETH in Ruby Chest. You just need to quickly get 0.002 ETH and own only one ticket will eventually help you become rich with FomoJackpot. This is the only play rule for the Blockchain lottery industry in 2018 that generated sales of more than $600 million.
  • If you are an intelligent financial investor, the Master Key award at the Gold Chest is right for you. Let’s prepare the best ticket buying strategies and become the person with the most ETH buying tickets to win the Master Key with extremely attractive prize.
  • FomoJackpot encourages community development through hardworking individuals by creating Ultimate Ref awards at the Silver Chest. The prize is for the best direct referral achievements, helping the community stay motivated to invite new members into buying tickets.
  • The smartest of FomoJackpot is in the Gold Clock timing mechanism. The Gold Clock only runs from 48 hours to 0 when the ETH amount of the current round is larger than the previous round, making the ETH amount of the current round always bigger than the previous one, leading to a bigger and bigger prize. At the Zero Round, when the prize pot reaches 300 ETH, the gold clock will start counting. A chance to win thousands of ETH with the investment of only 0.002 ETH for a ticket and when the gold clock runs, buy 1 ticket get 2 tickets (total 3 tickets) increasing 3 times the chance to win the biggest prize at Diamond Chest.
  • FomoJackpot possesses great resonance of the whole ecosystem. FomoGame creates DAA token exploitation mechanism through ETH sales used in ecosystems. If you are not lucky to win big prizes of FomoJackpot or only earn enough money to break even, then the ETH amount you have spent to buy a ticket will simultaneously mining you a DAA token amount at the rate of 0.05 ETH/Token. With DAA, you can use to play games in ecosystem to increase the number of tokens. Every 2 weeks, you are divided all profit dividends of both FomoGame platform and DABANKING developer, this is considered a very humane act of the developers. DABANKING shares with the community the profit value of the whole platform through the general DAA token. The profit of FomoGame comes from 10% of ticket sales of FomoJackpot and ETH pool contain all the profits of FomoGame.
  • DABANKING developers will list DAA Token on trading exchange to help the community to trade and raise the value of token DAA

Quickly participate in buying FomoJackpot tickets to create a financial breakthrough for a prosperous and successful 2019.

9. Joining in FomoJackpot


To be able to purchase FomoJackpot’s Ticket you need to have a computer that installs Metamask or Trust Wallet on your phone. Besides, there must be ETH in your wallet to buy a ticket.

Join us to warm up the cryptocurrency market

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