Everyone is dealing with certain red dots staining the white canvas. Each one of us breathes deeply at night. Some ask for forgiveness, some grant forgiveness; some remind themselves of tomorrow being another day- a fresh start; while some massage a temple for the pain is just too much.

Nobody checks of each dream on the list, many erase it again and again and end up waking up to just mere black blots. Some draw silver linings and wake up to clouds.

It is a kaleidoscope made out of chaos, everyone brings a piece of coloured glass to the table. We all twist, shuffle, turn and fit in the new story. We all are together in our own versions of loneliness. So we shuffle and make a kaleidoscope of broken hearts and shards, hoping at least someone might find a rainbow and then maybe it would finally mean something.

We cling on to many strings- some pulling us, some being pulled by us and we just are all trying to weave a web, for I read somewhere that there is a difference in being alone and being lonely. The web is just to tie the pieces of lone hearts together. So that at least, if our tears dazzle, they dazzle together- making the sky sparkle with stars at least for someone in another world as they look out of the window some night.