Boston Towny4life
Jun 19, 2019 · 1 min read

CD Projekt Red is the most beloved game developer in the industry today, they make games FOR gamers BY gamers. They know what gamers want, real gamers, not leftist journalist who want to push their ideology into every entertainment medium. The developers at CDPR are sternly against partisan politics in their games. IF you thought for a second that CDPR of ALL developers would bend to the will of mainstream journalist then you need your f**king head examined.

Everytime us real gamers get one of those rare genre defying games we get every couple years, you liberal journalist pop out of the wood works to complain about it. The Witcher, Breathe of the Wild, Red Dead REdemption 2, now Cyberpunk. It’s like clockwork with you people. This is why the overwhelming majority of the gaming community absolutely HATE gaming journalist. You people are completely disconnected from the community you try to write for.

Boston Towny4life

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