Growing wings


For you my growing son — the colour of my joy

you’re a lyric I like to sing, look at you out here growing wings — just breathing and living this funny life thing, you are ninety nine reasons why everything is everything, perhaps someone like you — won’t mind someone like me — making a poem out of all that I see

you don’t go on unnoticed, I follow your gaze when you’re facing the world, taking note of what makes serenity appear on your face, what puzzles, what amazes, what amuses, what fills up your senses and lights up your inner space, a sweet little mystery — drenched in hues of red, Black gold and green

your skin has hope woven within, smells something like wonder and fun and loving, you make the struggle of evolving look so damn worthwhile, you must be at least one of my soul mates, a son/sun for all seasons, my summer home in winter time

Black butterfly, phoenix with invictus in your DNA, there you go flying, staying free — even when you break, keep that same energy and know — this is how you change the world, you’re a lifetime already and a lifetime to come — the love story of my life

Authors note: Dearest Jamesy, Happy birthday blessings to you always. 🌻