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Let’s get lost


“Young woman walks away, pulling her lover behind” by Kevar Whilby on Unsplash

you took my hand in yours
and right there — we were soul to soul
you gave me your energy
simultaneously erasing my insecure
I was safe in your space
of that I was sure
I couldn’t help but notice your pupils dilate
pretty brown eyes that glistened with dancing lights
you noticed me noticing — as I looked away at the floor
this shy girl had never seen eyes look at her that way before
softly you spoke — as you tilted my face back up to face yours
‘let’s get lost — runaway with me awhile’
that’s the moment your eyes dimmed
you caught the flash of fear I had about the fall
you knew then — I wasn’t ready to risk losing it all
and you let my hand slip from inside yours
losing you scarred me like never before
I am still in recovery
of that — I am sure