Rebels blood


Photo by Martin Adams on Unsplash

tell me, what do you feel when you breathe in?

sometimes this air is thick as mud, and I don’t feel alive enough

trauma, is there a war beneath your skin?

sometimes I bury everything, but somehow — I still feel something

heal now, it’s time, honesty is invincible — that’s no lie, end the war, touch the morning, hold the night — dive right in

tell me, what do you feel when you breathe in?

this energy inside your guts — twisted, this insecure leaves you in knots — wasted, just wasted

I close my eyes till I feel better, don’t tell more lies till it gets better, from right now until forever, until forever

the road ahead is unseen — treacherous, but you’re just urged to forge ahead — reckless, breathless, restless

what is that?

when nobody thinks you’ll beat these odds, but you just can’t turn off this fire — it burns right through your rebels blood

the heat of night stirring in your blood, you might implode with just one touch

sometimes you don’t feel good enough — but fire burns through your rebels blood

you’re a summer thing, perspiration — drips from your skin again like fine raindrops

in the midst of a monsoon, gone again too soon, the relentless sky sends another flood — there’s fever running in my blood

you fall to your knees saying help me please, the people rush by — you stand and sigh

but sometimes — it just gets better, with one more breath — it just gets better, not for always and forever, still — for now there’s space for better

find yourself alone again, it’s okay, catch yourself when your’e falling — you breathe this way, breathe in the fire, feel the love — deep inside your rebels blood