Somewhere on this page


Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash

somewhere on this page, you will find her bleeding, almost to death, barely breathing — a heart in distress, finely balanced on the edge of glory, facing the world with bittersweet stories

somewhere on this page, glimpse a good woman going rogue, on the run from unpaid rent, haemorrhaging from money spent, carrying much too heavy loads, holding floods — beautifully composed

in between your world and mine, here searching all diamonds in the sky, for poetic gifts to write these lines, to hold on to witness the Universe rise, to discover truth and reject the lies, to soak it in and feel alive, to be a Black wave reflecting moonlight

somewhere on this page, feel everything she has to give dissipate like smoke, words to take your breath away — leaving ash in her throat, one by one with every day, burning bridges — setting cities ablaze, crossing deserts, running free — becoming what she’s meant to be, let’s meet in the wild — watch things fall apart, see her break open — to burst into stars