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There are lots of people who love to take a nap or rest in their cars. Sometimes the circumstances require you to sleep in your car at night. Though there is no specific number or percentage of how many of us prefer to recline in cars for having a rest, we all know of someone or have heard of someone who spends much of their time in cars. It leads to the fact that people require a bed for their car to sleep on. Any person who is looking to purchase car air beds, should evaluate the product on the basis of: (a) Durability; (b) Efficiency; © Health Impact.

10. Rightline Gear 110M10

Designed to accommodate 2 adults, the precise dimensions of this car air bed are 80 x 51 x 7 inches. It’s not the heaviest bed, weighing just about 10.4lbs. PVC is the primary material that’s been used to manufacture it. The bed offers supportive features and lots of convenience on account of its O-beam support design. Since it’s an air bed, portability is not a concern as it can be inflated and deflated with great ease using a 12V air pump. A versatile car air bed, it seamlessly fits into all full size trucks between the wheel wells. And, it’s precisely this design adjustment that adds to its utility. In between the wheel wells and the mattress, there’s some sufficient space which can be used to store certain travel commodities.

Special Features:

  • Unique Design; provides extra storage space.
  • O-Beam Support; responsible for a comfortable night’s sleep.
  • Portability; very easy to inflate, deflate and store.

9. HUAXINXIN SUV Air Mattress Camping Bed

Exclusively crafted for SUV’s, the precise dimensions of this particular car air bed measure 17.2 x 9.5 x 5.5 inches before it is inflated. In terms of weight, it weighs a reasonable 9.9lbs which makes it a not so heavy car air bed. Its mattress is made out of the top quality PVC. The best quality without any second thought as the same material is used in the aviation industry. Extremely portable, it can be inflated or deflated conveniently within a brief span of 3 minutes, extremely quick for any car air bed. Multi-utilitarian on account of its distinctive design specifications, it’s a car air bed that can be used for a number of outdoor activities. This is just perfect for you if you want to have a delightfully pleasing experience during your camping trips.

Special Features:

  • Specially designed for SUV’s.
  • Crafted out of top quality PVC.
  • Time-efficient as it can be inflated within just 3 minutes.
  • Multi-utilitarian; great companion for outdoor activities.

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8. BHMOTORUS Mobile Inflation Travel Back Seat Air Bed

Specially designed for SUV’s and perfect for outdoor activities, its precise dimensions, when inflated, are conveniently appropriate at 59 x 46.5 x 2 inches. However, these dimensions can further be extended a bit more by pumping more air into it. As a whole, the mattress weighs just 7.8lbs. A lot of care has gone into its design to ensure that the mattress is perfect not just for the car but is equally useful at home. A flocking surface ensures comfort, a weave design make for uniformity, and a stable base gives it the balance. The entire mattress is made from the best quality and eco-friendly PVC. When compared to other air bed cars, it’s slightly thicker. The greater thickness accounts for greater comfort. It can be inflated and deflated within 2 minutes and comes with 10 small storage compartments to make it easy to carry all your travel necessities along with you.

Special Features:

  • Greater thickness when compared to other mattresses; ensures additional comfort.
  • Great design facets; ideal for car use and domestic use.
  • Multi-utilitarian; a perfect companion for all outdoor activities.
  • Exclusively designed for SUV’s.
  • Time-efficient as it can be inflated and deflated in a short span of 2 minutes.
  • Sufficient storage space with 10 small independent compartments.

7. Topfit Car Camping Air Bed

Not a very generic air car bed, this particular car bed is crafted specially for the Model S and Model X SUV. Thus, it’s clear to see that the product is meant only for a Tesla car. The package dimension (not car bed dimensions) are precise at 14.5 x 10.9 x 4.9 inches. The bed is quite lightweight at 7.5lbs. The size of the air car bed once inflated is inch-to-inch perfect for a Tesla SUV. Naturally, the mattress is made out of top-quality and heavy-duty PVC. The surface of the mattress is moisture proof and shockproof, the reason being a greater thickness of the mattress. While being safe, it’s extremely comfortable and convenient too. It has a fluffy-leather surface. One of its biggest assets is its strength and durability. It can easily carry up to 260kgs in weight.

Special Features:

  • Specially designed for Tesla variants i.e. Model X and Model S.
  • Extremely strong and durable, it can withstand up to 260 kg of weight.
  • Super comfortable; fluffy-leather surface.
  • Rigid surface; shockproof, moisture proof and friction resistant.

6. LeiMin Mobile Inflation Travel Back Seat Cushion Air Bed

This high-quality car air bed is specially designed for SUV’s and outdoor usage. The inflated product dimensions are just perfect at 71 x 51 x 4.7 inches. However, it can be deflated a little to accommodate itself in a smaller space comfortably. Made from the top quality PVC, this product proves to be an extremely warm, environment friendly and breathable mattress with double-sided flocking. When compared to other car air beds, its mattress is substantially thicker. The thickness of the mattress accounts for a better feel of comfort and durability for the user. Easily inflatable, it can be set up within just 2 minutes using an air pump. It has 10 small compartments which can be used to store literally anything.

Special Features:

  • Specially designed for SUV’s and some small mini-vans.
  • Made out of a high-quality PVC.
  • Greater thickness of mattress accounts for enhanced comfort and increased durability.
  • Multi-utilitarian; an ideal companion for all sorts of outdoor activities.
  • Time-efficient; can be inflated and deflated within 2 minutes.
  • Storage space; 10 small independent storage compartments.

5. Nex Car Travel Air Mattress Air Cushion Bed

With its distinctive blue colour, it’s a one-fit all type car air bed with dimensions of 53 x 32 x 16 inches. It’s extremely light weighing at merely 5.6lbs. Being so lightweight, it is easily portable and user-friendly. Furthermore, when you realise that it can be inflated and deflated within 2 minutes, that just strengthens its case. One of its key features lies in its distinctive design. The seams of the mattress are ‘double-heat sealed’. For a user, what this means is that the mattress is almost completely pressure-proof and extremely strong. The mattress, despite its comparative small size, has the capacity to withhold 300lbs of weight. It can seamlessly fit into a saloon car, an SUV or even an MVP. Neither is its maintenance an issue.

Special Features:

  • One-size fit all; perfect for all sorts of cars.
  • Extremely portable; very light and foldable.
  • Double-heat sealed seams; pressure-proof mattress.
  • Strong and durable; capacity to withhold 300lbs.

4. Berocia SUV Air Bed

Ideal for almost all types of cars, the dimensions of the car air bed when inflated measure 70.86 x 50.4 x 4.7 inches. Yet, it weighs just 5lbs which accounts for its lightweight. Not to forget, the size of the mattress is adjustable as it can be easily inflated and deflated to fit a particular space. That’s what makes it unique, the fact that it’s a one-size fit all car air bed. Its manufacturers pride themselves upon the quality of PVC that’s used in its make. An above-par flocking surface coupled with a super-soft comfortable mattress surface, adhere to its users comfort needs. The mattress can be inflated and deflated extremely quickly and no second-thought needs to be given on the welfare of the air pump. Extremely versatile, it has 3 separate air bags which upon folding convert it into a rear seat air bed. It’s equipped with a car charger and a home charger, thus, making it perfect for home use and outdoor use.

Special Features:

  • Specially designed to fit all kinds of cars.
  • Made out of top-quality PVC.
  • Exquisite flocking and comfortable mattress surface.
  • Time-efficient; quick inflation and deflation.
  • Versatile; can be adjusted into a rear seat bed and comes with a car charger and home charger.

3. Sailnovo Car Air Mattress

Ideally designed for sedans, SUV’s, minivans and outdoor use; the inflated dimensions of this car air bed measure 52.7 x 34.3 x 16.4 inches. It weighs a decent 5.8lbs and has the capacity to withhold weight up to 150lbs, which means it can accommodate 2 adults at a time. It’s not a complete car air bed, rather, it’s just a car rear back seat cushion, which transforms the backseat of your car into a bed. It’s made out of a high-quality PVC and its surface is extremely soft. Inflatable in under 2 minutes, it’s super portable on account of being excessively lightweight affording the ease of inflation and maneuverable design. What’s unique about this car air bed is that once inflated it takes up the entire rear backseat area, foot area included, of the car, giving a person a substantial room to sleep in. The mattress is considerably thick, which accounts for considerable safety and pressure resistance.

Special Features:

  • More or less a one-fit-all design.
  • Decent capacity; can withhold 150lbs.
  • Made out of top-quality PVC.
  • Time-efficient; inflatable under 2 minutes.
  • Spacious; on account of unique design.
  • Substantially thick; safety and pressure resistance facets.

2. HAITRAL Back Seat Inflatable Air Mattress

Another back seat car air bed, it is exclusively designed as a one-fit-all car air bed and holds precise dimensions that are of: 52 x 32 x 4 inches. Extremely lightweight, it weighs just 5.5lbs. On account of its lightweight, it’s popular for its portability prospect. Inflating it and deflating it is not a cumbersome process which only adds to its portability facet. Although it’s primarily a one-fit-all design, it doesn’t fit into cars that have a particularly high rear middle bridge. It’s also not ideal for microminiature cars. It’s a simple back seat car air bed that’s made out of durable, low-maintenance, comfortable materials.

Special Features:

  • One-size-fit all design, ideal for saloon cars, SUV’s and minivans.
  • Extremely portable; on account of lightweight and foldable design.
  • Time-efficient; quick inflating and deflating capabilities.

1. FBSPORT BSport Car Travel Inflatable Air Bed

Specially designed for all SUV’s and camping, outdoor activities; the inflated dimensions of this particular car air bed are: 57 x 35 x 17 inches. It weighs just 5.5lbs and is thus, considered to be extremely lightweight. The primary material that’s been used to make it is PVC. It has great supportive features that make it a superb car air bed for kids. It’s not just supportive though, it’s equally comfortable which is why kids reciprocate their love for it. The only drawback with this product is that it’s unsuitable for cars with high rear middle bridges and microminiature cars, alike.

Special Features:

  • Specially designed for SUV’s.
  • Multi-utilitarian; great for outdoor camping activities.
  • Extremely lightweight.
  • Supportive and comfortable mattress; great healthcare.

Now that you have seen or actually, read up on what a car air bed is used for and what its capabilities are, you have involuntarily become an ‘informed consumer’. In a way, at least. Therefore, if anyone asks you where you gained so much knowledge about car air beds from. You know where to send them!

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