Easily preload images in your Angular app

Nader Dabit
Dec 2, 2015 · 2 min read

While recently building a Cordova app using Angular, I had a problem with the images not loading fast enough for my app to look the way I wanted.

When a view loaded, there would be a few millisecond delay and then the images would load, giving it a not so great feel.

After looking around at a few things like templatecache, lazy loading, and image preloading, I came across this blog post by Ben Nadel. This seemed like overkill for what I was trying to accomplish, but the preloader function was exactly what I was looking for, so I stripped it out and implemented it like so:

( Here is a finalized version with a readme. )

  1. Created the preloader factory using the code from Ben’s blog post:
.factory("preloader", function( $q, $rootScope ) {
/* factory code goes here */

2. Inject the factory in a controller, directive or service, and set an array of images:

app.controller('MyController', function($scope, preloader) {
$scope.imageLocations = [

3. Call preloader.preloadImages on the array of images:

preloader.preloadImages( $scope.imageLocations )

preloader.preloadImages returns a promise, so you could also handle the promise like so:

preloader.preloadImages( $scope.imageLocations )
.then(function() {
// Loading was successful.
function() {
// Loading failed on at least one image.

That’s it, you should not have any problems when loading new pages, the images should already be loaded!

Here is my repo. I wish I had found something like this before, so I’m hoping this will help someone in my position looking for something very basic to just preload images in an Angular app!

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