5 ways DabKick will improve your life

Obviously we think DabKick is neat; we created it! But here’s why you need to make DabKick a pat of your everyday routine.

  1. Watch movies with your friends in other locations! Have you ever been in a long-distance relationship, studied abroad, or moved away from family and friends? Reconnect with them on DabKick! Set up movie nights with your significant other and watch your favorite movies and shows with your friends and family back home in real time. DabKick’s content comes straight from Youtube. So if it’s on Youtube, you can watch it together on DabKick!
  2. Introverts and shy friends can be a part of group activities while still soaking up that valuable alone time. Going out every weekend can be pretty exhausting for an introvert. But with DabKick, you can be a part of the action right from the comfort of your own home! So call in sick, fire up a live session, and turn clubbing into a much less exhausting spectator sport, leaving way more energy for witty banter and quiet coffee meet-ups. All of the sarcastic comments without the social anxiety.
  3. Connect with a Craigslist buyer! Have you ever shied away from selling something on Craigslist because you didn’t want to give your personal information to total strangers? Just connect with them on DabKick! You can show them photos of that desk you’ve been meaning to get rid of for years, agree on a location, and rest assured that they have no idea what your phone number is.
  4. Watch concerts and spectator sports from different angles! Have you ever scored cheap tickets to a game, only to find your seat is behind a pole? Or have you and your friends ever splurged to see your favorite band, only to find it’s standing room only? With DabKick, you and your friends can experience games and concerts from every angle! Just spread out, take live pictures, and enjoy!
  5. Listen to your favorite playlists together at the gym! The best part of working out with friends is accountability. The worst part is when you’re all listening to your friend’s workout playlist, but then they walk away and their phone speakers go with them, you run out of earshot while doing a circuit, or their phone dies, and you’re out of music. But with DabKick, you can all listen to the same playlist at the same time, and control your own volume, earbuds, speaker proximity, etc. Same awesome workout playlist minus the hassle.

What do you and your friends use DabKick for? Send your ideas to socialnetworks@dabkick.com!

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