DabKick — A Year To Remember and A Future To Come

As we close 2017, we here at DabKick want to first thank you, our loyal users and friends, for what was quite a year!

In 2017 we moved offices as our team grew out of its original roots.

We introduced a new design of our app on both Android and iOS featuring live streaming and public rooms!

We recently debuted our Media Call SDK (3 months free to start, join our family!) so that fellow developers can easily implement the ability for their users to chat and watch their created media together.

We continued to strengthen our relationships with our partners including Ericsson, Tele2, and BitTorrent in bringing our technology to the masses far and wide.

We even challenged ourselves on and off the work front, including doing the Paqui #OneChipChallenge to the delight of all who watched as we survived (barely) the heat of the Carolina Reaper pepper.

Looking back, we did a lot, so we’re going to rest on our laurels and cruise into 2018. Who are we kidding here? Of course we’re not!

We plan to expand our Media Call SDK’s reach, opening up more opportunities for developers to empower their users and themselves with potential revenue opportunities with our technology.

We are working on the next version of our app that will continue to improve the experience for users worldwide, making it even easier to use and really enhance the way friends and loved ones can stay connected and watch media together while chatting about it in realtime.

Finally, we’re also working on something that we like to call the “second screen experience” that will allow users to work with their phones and television! We will say more about that soon, but figured we’d tease it a little now and talk about it a lot soon!

We raise a glass to what we accomplished in 2017 and we are ready for what is sure to be an amazing 2018 for you and us!

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