DabKick Co-Hosts VidCon Party With What’s Trending, The Techset, Tongal & Brian Solis — Join Us!

If you’re attending VidCon in Los Angeles, join DabKick’s Vanessa Camones, VP of Marketing & Business Development, on Thursday night (June 22nd) as we co-host “Kickback @ VidCon: Chill with Cocktails and Creators” at The Annabella Hotel. We’ll be hosting with Shira Lazar, host and co-founder of What’s Trending, joined by The Techset’s Stephanie Agresta, Tongal’s Tina Walsh, and analyst Brian Solis to celebrate the creator economy and all the creators who are shaping its future. Have drinks, stream live, take selfies, and enjoy a fun night of looking at your phone surrounded by people doing the same thing. Click here to RSVP.

We’re excited to be part of VidCon, the premier conference for online video. VidCon has plenty of online video-focused panels, Q&As, and activities happening from June 21–24th, allowing over 25,000 attendees to revel in the magical world of online video.

According to industry track editorial director Jim Louderback, “A huge land grab is underway as innovators and old-timers focus on creating and owning the top franchises, formats, creators and platforms — all with an eye towards dominating passionate communities. And that’s what we’ll be exploring at the 8th Annual VidCon Industry Track this year in Anaheim as these influential communities become the driver of media success and as the lines between traditional and digital video continue to merge.”

Featured creators at VidCon include Miranda Sings, Jenna Marbles, Lele Pons, Philip DeFranco, and hundreds more. Key takeaways include learning how to drive millions of video views on Instagram, learning how to create successful Snapchat series from their top influencers, and hearing how Amazon is transforming online video

Hope to see you on Thursday night!

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