Long-distance sucks.

Worry not, DabKick is here to help!

If you’ve ever been in a long-distance relationship, you know how mentally and emotionally taxing it can be. You’re planning a cozy night in with tons of warm, fuzzy blankets, more Chinese takeout than you can eat in a week, and a Netflix marathon of guilty pleasure RomComs you swear you’ve never seen before. But you’re planning to go it alone because your significant other lives a plane ride away.

cute, or creepy af?

You’ve invested in all those weird couple-oriented gadgets, like the pillow sets that light up when they’re in use by the opposite party, and a creepy kiss simulator that lets you make out internationally. Falling asleep on Facetime is a regular, almost expected occurrence. You try your best to see each other once every month or two, alternating who comes to visit who, finding cute little halfway point b&bs to meet up at. But no matter what you do, nothing fills those day-to-day things you used to do together.

Earlier this year, I was in a short long-distance relationship for a few months. When I graduated from college in May, I moved back home to the Bay Area, but my boyfriend stayed in LA. He had plans to move to the Bay for a work opportunity, but it didn’t begin until August, so we had to spend the summer apart. And let me tell you, long-distance relationships are no joke. One of my college roommates dated her now husband long-distance for four years, and I still have no idea how they did it. Those three months were some of the most difficult months I’d ever faced.

It’s like finding out you’re allergic to your favorite food. You see it everywhere, you crave it all the time, and it’d still be readily available if your luck had been a little bit different. But it’s just out of your reach, and there’s nothing you can do about it. You can go visit them, but it’s like eating ice cream when you’re lactose intolerant. In the moment, everything is magical and beautiful, and nothing else matters. But as soon as it’s over, you’re forced to face reality, and everything sucks again, almost more than it did to begin with.

the ultimate struggle, keeping up with a show together while long-distance

My boyfriend and I were in the middle of watching The Office together on Netflix when I moved, and it put our absolute favorite activity to do together on hold for three and a half months. We didn’t want to keep watching without the other, so we took to watching blooper reels on Youtube to quench the thirst. At the time, I had just started working for DabKick, and naturally I forced my boyfriend to download it so I had someone to explore live sessions with. The first time we tried a live session, we were on the phone with each other and I wanted to show him a “Best of Kevin Malone” video I’d found. But my laptop was all the way across the room, and I’m the laziest person on the planet. So I bugged him to download DabKick, and sent the video to him in a live session. We ended up staying in that live session for almost two hours, just going back and forth showing Office-related videos, and it was probably one of the most fun long-distance activities we’d done together all summer. Sure it wasn’t the exact same as having a nice, quiet movie night together, but it bridged the gap a little. It was a new and convenient way to simulate an old, beloved activity. I know it’s my job to promote DabKick, but I can honestly say from first-hand experience that DabKick is an awesome way to stay connected while in a long-distance relationship.

Emily Templeton does marketing and HR for DabKick,
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