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In case you missed it, we launched the new version of DabKick earlier this month. We are proud to have launched this new version after years of development. Unlike other live social apps which are based around a chatroom model, DabKick is “media first”, built around sharing and enjoying content together within the same screen. Unlike live streaming services, DabKick lets users go live without even turning on the camera. By connecting people and the content they enjoy from their mobile devices in “always on” sessions with friends, interest groups, and public channels, DabKick’s goal is to become the next generation of live communication.

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Here are DabKick’s features:

  • Mix Media Live: Watch videos, show photos, listen to music together while chatting or talking during the same live session. DabKick’s patented “media call” technology enables users to instantly share and enjoy video, music, photos, and images with multiple users at the same time, within the same screen.
  • Rapid Photo Live: Capture and show photos instantly with friends in a fraction of a second. DabKick’s patented technology that is a hybrid of peer-to-peer and cloud enables upload speeds roughly 20x faster than Snapchat or Instagram.
  • Live Jukebox: Create and queue music and listen to them together with friends, while enjoying other media like photos and live video. Play tracks submitted by others during live sessions.
  • Customizable Live Video: Stream live video while sharing media with friends, custom-made groups, or designated DabKick channels, in sessions with up to 100,000 users online together at the same time.
  • Public or Private Sessions: Start a live session with your friends or with a public group of like-minded people to watch media together while live streaming yourself.
  • Audio, Text and Emoji Chat: Text or say “LOL” or whatever else you like to your friends in a DabKick session — or send the emoji version.
  • New Content/Friend Discovery: Find and connect with other DabKick users who enjoy similar kinds of content; find and recommend favorite new content through Reddit-style filters.
  • One-Click Live Connection: Re-establish live connections with friends and groups once they’ve come online in a single click.
  • Facebook and Address Book Connectivity: Find and connect with existing friend network and send them invites to join you in any DabKick session.
  • Offline Media Messaging: Leave text/audio/video messages to friends and groups when they’re offline.

We look forward to your feedback — please leave us a comment here or get in touch with us on Twitter!

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