Why the Tech Giants Want to Win the “Together Now” Space

by Balaji Krishnan

IBM’s Together Stream (via App Advice)

Just last month, Google unveiled UpTime, a live social viewing app, and now another tech giant, venerable old IBM, is coming out with its own app with similar funcationality. Meet Together Stream:

As its name suggests, Together Stream lets users stream videos together with others, such as friends, colleagues, and family members. Think of it as watching the same videos at the same time, except you don’t have to use the same device and you don’t have to be in the same place.

This week also saw the launch of Apple’s social video editing app Clips, developed for quickly sharing enhanced videos with everyone in your social networks. While it doesn’t in itself enable live social viewing, TechCrunch rightly points out that Apple is clearly targeting the always-connected Snapchat and Instagram millenial audience. The user data clearly indicates how important and growing this market is.

According to Stastica, for instance, 18–34 year olds have watched and created more live streaming videos on social media than any other age demographic by far. The major companies can see this trend with their own internal analytics, and are moving quickly to capture it.

So taken together, this means Facebook, Google, Apple, IBM, and Snap are all vying with multiple products for what we at DabKick have been calling “Together Now” — blending media consumption with a live social experience — for the last five years. And after so many years in development, it’s exciting to see these major companies finally confirming our hypothesis: Together Now is going to be an important category to the future of media.

Speaking of which, we have some major announcements for DabKick coming very soon — standby!

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Image via App Advice.

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