Why I No Longer Use Social Media As I Did Hitherto

I used to write on Medium for my Journalism, but was convinced to get my own website, and that decision pleases me at this time, but I’ve come back to Medium for personal writings. It is a forfeiture. A small one, but a forfeiture none the less.

If you follow my work, than you know that I published two consecutive articles on data brokerage. During the time that I was reasearching that vile industry of selling information, I came to realize that I could complain, or I could do something.

Be The Change You Wish To See In The World. — Ghandi

I decided not to be a product or a toy or a money press. I would stand up to Facebook and not use them anymore. About a week ago, I composed my last post on Instagram, which was a screenshot and a caption with a link to my formal renounce of Instagram and all it stands for. If you’re like me, than you know Instagram is evil, and it bothers you, but you aren’t willing to give it up. I ask you to demand change. Demand respect. Demand a new social network that works for you. Below is my renouncing of Instagram.

It’s been a week since I have posted, and I don’t intend to be posting anytime soon here. There are many problems with Instagram, and I’m sick of all of them. The first is that Instagram sells all your information, which if you post a lot, means they sell essentially your life story. This, not only violates your rights as a human, enables sociopathic billionaires, turns you into a product, and objectifies you. It also reduces your life’s monetary, objective value.

In addition to this, Instagram breeds dependence on the internet, narcicism, anxieties, and many other social problems. It creates a false sense of community, by making you think you’re surrounded by your friends, when really you’re actively off-putting everybody else. I have actually been accused of being a bad person for accidentally unfollowed someone, and not liking posts.

You’re in too deep if you crave likes and will get incensed when you don’t receive them. You’re in too deep when you get mad if someone unfollows you. And you are most certainly in too deep when you would halt a great moment of your life, just to show your acquaintances what’s happening. Furthermore, nobody actually cares what anyone posts. People just look at Instagram because they’re addicted to it or they’re bored.

For all this, I ask you to delete Instagram, not just from your phone, but from your life as well. I use Just10 and Ello. You should look into them. Just10 only allows you to have 10 friends, and Ello is for creative stuff. You should look into them. Just talk to your friends to find out what’s happening in their life. Just live your life without having to broadcast it. Maybe someday I’ll return to Instagram, but until then, Goodbye.

P.S. If you want, ask for my Just10 username, and my Ello is @dacalberto. I post photography and writing there.

Farewell Instagram, you’ve exploited me and all my friends.

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