DailyUI 001 Challenge!

Here is an image of my take on the first dailyui challenge — Sign Up Page

Color Mood: Cotton Candy

Design Goal: quick emotional engagement & simple decision communication with the viewers.

As summer is coming to a close (insert: sad emoji), I wanted to dedicate my first dailyui challenge to what I believe summer means to me..

vibrant, bubbly, and fun!

Design Process: Sign In vs. Login

— The reason why I did not choose to use “Sign In” as one of my tabs is because of the tension it may bring towards the user journey during their on boarding process.

Strayed away from using the word “Sign” twice.

“Sign Up or Sign In”

This may cause a hiccup for the user’s when they (mentally) read it and decided to use “Login” instead!

It is more familiar and common for users nowadays (ex. e-commerce sites & new downloaded apps)

Lastly, the “or” between “Sign Up” and “Login” may seem unnecessary because there’s only 2 tabs for the user to choose from, however I believe there still needs to be a simple conversation with the user.

I say conversation because in a face to face discussion when one person offers a choice to someone they usually state “or” for the decision maker to make a conscious choice.

Plus there was plenty of real estate and looks aesthetically pleasing in my opinion haha :)

I would appreciate any feedback to help me to get better in UI/UX!

Thank you for taking the time reading this! ^__^

Be easy~