David Voegtle

On Alma Mater’s oak-rooted grounds

Hear the knells steadfast every hour

When the laden wind brings hearkened sounds

Of our good bell in high yonder tower.

‘Tis our loud-resounding sentinel

The great fire-wrought tender of our time.

We mark days’ passage by that old bell

Ringing promptly forth its stately chime.

Like us, once raw, post-harvest refined

To a glowing ore and brought to mold.

From base origins in darkened mines

Came the grand sun-kissed bell we behold.

Our timely anthems, ev’ry bell song

Follows the same course alumni claim:

Passing through here, staying but so long,

Leaving by the very means we came.

For all your time at Rhodes, know certain:

Your echo rings in Halliburton.