YOYOW Progress Report Feb. 27st 2018

Develop performance

Newly added features

1. Platforms

Platforms can be registered with the form of decentralization and be integrated into YOYOW blockchain, it also lay the solid foundation for subsequent richer functionality. However, in the previous test network, platforms need be verified by YOYOW team. After this main net hard fork, platforms owner can make their own registration and integrated into YOYOW as they want, meanwhile, YOYOW team will provides constantly updates Web api middleware to platforms for the convenience of integration. Now you can find YOYOW middleware on github and the link is https://github.com/yoyow-org/yoyow-node-sdk/blob/master/middleware/README.md

2. Content publication

The feature that content can be stored on blockchain has been released officially. Platforms owner can store content, hash values of content and other information on YOYOW blockchain depends on their needs.

3. The feature that users authorize platform tipping management

Users can authorize right of tipping management to platforms, which is convenient to follow-up nonsensitive operation.

Tipping management is YOYOW’s unique delegated authentication with limited access permission mechanism according to the principle of least privilege. Users may authorize any platforms to exercise their authentication privilege whereas the authorized platforms cannot access users’ keys in the process so as to maintain a high level of security and better user experience.

Bug fixed

1. YOYOW team follow up and fixed dos bug of Graphene toolkit.

2. JS Serialization / Deserialization bug has been fixed.