Santa Rosa de Calamuchita, 1 Jan 2018

Don’t be affraid. It’s ok not to crack it first time around. Paso a paso, an infinit picking up and putting down of tools; gadgets; feelings; emotions; machines; thoughts; techniques; states of being; states of mind; ideas; and people to get there…

The endeavour. Set by you with a sense of great power. It inspired preempted attainment.

Sitting in-front of that machine, feeding material into the foot — piercing a path to completion.

Sat on stool releasing it all onto a crowd, every word is a hum full of love and humble truth.

Each note ringing clear at the precision of cada tip.

Ideas hard copied to be tweaked, twerked, rewored and worked.

Fallback! Be the clowns medium. Humour it — not them.

Water colours of botanical ballet stood still in Australian motion.

Be yourself the way your ser te pide.

In your mind.

In your body.



Eyes closed.

The way you saw it that day.

The sore you felt for fruition.

Freeze frame.

Capture that clarity, feel it deep.

That’s the seed that will fruit a fruit to eat.

It will fruit the fruit you need to beat a darkness that has consumed you before. The one you see right after you fall.

But this is why you have been through it before. To beat it. To win in your loosing moment. Remember, the preempt attainment. Take that to the mic, the machine, the stage. Shine bright. And, forget your name.

Happy New Year

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