The Best Way To Learn About Crypto Investing

If someone told you 24 months ago that the world was going to be monumentally impacted by something call blockchain and Bitcoin, you would have probably gone a bit cross-eyed and honestly not given a jot. But since that time, crypto has subtly pervaded our lives on such a level that it can no longer be ignored and in fact, to do so could be quite detrimental.

Crypto is a thing. Love it or hate it. It’s here to stay and frankly how crypto assets develop and the exact journey they will take in changing the world is anybody’s guess. But what we do know is that cryptocurrencies have become a new trend in the world of investment for very legitimate reasons. Thousands of people who invested in them have advanced their wealth in extraordinary ways.

The new investment opportunities around digital assets have created a slew of people hungry to learn about cryptocurrencies. It’s worth noting that 42 percent of the world’s top 50 universities now offer at least one course on crypto or blockchain stemming from an insatiable demand for knowledge about crypto assets.

The good news is that if you just want to learn the basics of crypto investing, you don’t need to sign up for a university degree, get certified or even leave the comfort of your own home to do so. The only thing that does make it a bit tricky when it comes to learning about crypto is the sheer mass of confusing information that is peddled on the internet — where do you start?

That’s why the folks at Dacxi, the world’s friendliest crypto investment platform, have put together Dacxi Learn. Dacxi knows if you’re a beginner diving into crypto, it is both an exciting and completely overwhelming experience! Not only is there a need to decipher the complexities of the technology behind the currencies, but also to recognise the difficulties associated with investing, trading, and keeping tabs on those crypto assets.

Dacxi has taken the pain out of the process and produced a series of really fun videos that answer the basic questions about crypto investing in a language that you can understand. It’s totally free, bite sized, self-paced learning that clears up the crypto confusion and shows you how to buy your first cryptocurrency.

The sort of things that are covered in Dacxi Learn are a basic introduction to crypto assets covering all those burning questions you might have such as: What is Bitcoin? What are the Biggest Crypto Assets? What are the Risks? What are Crypto Exchanges — and much more.

Dacxi also has a Coinpedia on the Learn platform — a central repository where you can can get all the information you need on the top digital assets according to their market capitalisation. Each individual coin page includes live feeds on the price of the coin, some background on the history of that particular coin, white papers and videos so that you have a very comprehensive understanding of that particular digital asset. Dacxi Learn has been designed to make your life super easy and the whole crypto learning experience a complete breeze.

If you want to be the master of your crypto investing learning journey, then visit the guys at Dacxi Learn where their goal is to help you simply and responsibly navigate your way to financial freedom. Don’t get left behind, go there now, have fun and happy learning!