A corroboration on UgoTalksALot’s Letter

To whom it may concern,

I just read my brother’s post as to the perceived mistake on his deployment to Nigeria. While he bothers mainly on the political issues, I want to bother on something quite frivolous, which is the glo’ up.

Well, not that I am complaining (because, I have actually been peng since *rolls eyes*) but I just want to present you facts and then leave you to decide where I should actually be.

In Nigeria Vs Outside Nigeria

Before Vs After
Before Vs After

Even the way I take pictures with ladies…

Now the ladies be claiming mans…

I am not saying that you should re-deploy me; I am just saying you self, use your church-mind :(

This kind of haircut could have gotten me killed back home :(

Some people are now gossiping me;

meanwhile, I was fair at birth. That is my real face. :(

Let me kuku use this opportunity to drop bonus:

This is one of the main reasons I cut my hair — ACS TakeMeOut Event

OK, I am going. But please, don’t forget.

Your son, 

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