Hi Ben, how were you able to build a relevant social media presence?
Olusesan Peter

Hello Peter,

Thanks for your question.

Brief Introduction

As at the time of my first official internship I was way below 100 followers on Twitter and probably had barely 100+ connections on LinkedIn.


Below are some ways I expanded my online presence largely through social media.

  1. Discover the need: As soon as I found how important having a reputable online presence was I started actively working towards it.
Tip: Google your name, what comes out?

2. Get a LinkedIn Account: Many professionals take to LinkedIn (or at least used-to) to seek potential hires, but beyond that it helps you to think about aspects of your life in a way you might not have imagine. So, connect with people.

Tip: Send very personalised invitation-to-connect requests to every client, entrepreneur, colleague, employer you have ever come across…work towards 500+ then you can relax. The rule of the game is that you would be pushed to make your profile standout and once an industry leader connects with you, it gives you credibility.

3. Jump on Twitter: In one of my series on #finWithBen (on Twitter). I stated that INFORMATION is currency. So, once you have something people can look forward to on your Twitter Profile, the following would come (even though, some people secretly view your profile but never follow, LOL)…but then it is usually slow for non-comedians. For me, I ran a couple of hashtag series, I connected with people in Business, Entrepreneurship and friends etc.

4. Benjamindada.com: This has got to be one of the most Static Websites in history. But yeah, a PERSONAL WEBSITE shows that you are serious about personal branding.

5. Get featured on a blog/website. Or write blogs.

6. Keep learning — subscribing to daily digest is my go-to.

7. Go to events, meet people. Crack jokes and pray they are funny. Scrap that, pray your audience finds it funny cause it can be funny to you…LOL.

I hope I was able to communicate. Let me know how it goes.

P.S — after all these, google your name again :)

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