Tomorrow, It’s my Birthday — Nov 16

Comes with a list of 20 things I am grateful for

As at my last Birthday, I had so many of my long-time friends physically around. It turned out even better than I had expected. From my very beloved Success Congress family, to my 2016 MIS Course mates to the love from Social Media. I am just ecstatic to know what this year holds. Also, the realization that I am getting older is mounting some form of pressure on me, for which I am yet to admit.

The Success Congress Family

This was how my last birthday was. I had friends around. Courtesy — The Success Congress

My Wonderful Coursemates!

My wonderful friends put together to some in the canteen and this was after the lunch (As you can see, I don commot the suit!)

Throwback to my 2014 Birthday

Actually, I had 2 cakes and a new suit

Love from Twitter

I’m grateful

  1. For the privilege of knowing God through his son, Jesus.
  2. For the gift of Life.
  3. For my Dad, Mr Daisi.
  4. For my Mum, Mrs Bukky.
  5. For my sister Tobi, (current baby-geh, till I find bae).
  6. For my Younger Brother, Gideon.
  7. For Chijioke and Oghenerobor.
  8. For Ebuka and Alabuja (You guys mean a lot to me).
  9. For Yemi (I am not fielding any questions, thanks).
  10. For For-tune (did you see that?).
  11. For my Graduation from University.
  12. For my Admission for Masters.
  13. For the Academic abilities at work in me.
  14. For my Personal Blog.
  15. For Growing Writers Publication.
  16. For Stutern, Andela, Softcom, KPMG.
  17. For Twitter (actually…LOL).
  18. For Medium (how else would I have known I could write?)
  19. For Moorlands Church.
  20. For where God is taking me to.

I am actually grateful for many more things than I can mention here. For the people that have my back at all times (UnclePriye). For the 1/3 of people that TRULY love me. I’m sorry that right now, it is all about me, but what do you expect, it is my birthday .

Thanks for getting to this point with me. Happy Birthday to me.