Dadafish — About Us

Dadafish is a lifestyle platform connecting people with various interests.

  • LEARN: Dadafish allows you to explore a variety of classes, ranging from sports, cooking, music, dance, language, crafting, etc. Learning can never be more fun.
  • HOST: We believe everyone has something unique to offer and teach.
  • COMMUNITY: Stay connected with the community. Along the learning journey, you’ll be taking lessons with class masters of different skill levels. Stay connected, you’ll become a master someday.
  • SECURE PAYMENT: As a guest, Dadafish provides a way that you’ll get the qualified class you take. As a host, Dadafish also ensures that you get what you deserve.

We are undergoing a closed beta testing in Singapore. Indicate your interests if you’d like Dadafish to come to your country.

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