[Did you know]: Fun and quality language classes at an affordable price

Photo credit: Sg.everydayonsales.com

A group language lesson in any other school/class would easily cost $30 and above per hour. Private lessons are way higher, up $50-$80 per hour. Here at Dadafish, we want you to learn and experience something new, at a low cost. We understand that cost is an important factor that will decide whether you attend a class or not.

Thus, we provide trial language lessons as low as $5 per hour, some even for FREE! Subsequent group lessons are as low as $10 per hour! Our classes are also small so as to ensure conducive learning for all students (except trial classes). Where else can you get such a good deal?

In addition, we have various partnerships all over Singapore that are willing to provide us a venue to host our classes.

What does this mean?

This means that classes can be held at various locations all over Singapore and you would be able to easily find a class that is held close to you! Convenient, conducive and affordable, isn’t that great? Join a trial class today! See if you enjoy it and if you do, come back for more!

Learn, enjoy, save money and time! Visit our Dadafish website for more information on classes available!