FAQ from hosts

Q: How do I host a class?
You can host via the Dadafish iOS app/Android app or the website.

  • On the app. After login, go to the fourth tab which means hosting.
Host in dadafish

After tapping, you’ll be promoted to the following hosting walkthrough. Simply key in the information step by step, you should be able host any classes that you’d like to host.

Host walkthrough in Dadafish app
  • On the web. After login, you’ll see a host button on the top navigation bar. Simply click and finish the walkthrough step by step, you’ll then see your new class being listed across the web and app platforms.
Host walkthrough on the web

For more details, please refer to the step-by-step tutorial below.


Q: How do I get paid?
Your payment will get transferred to your e-wallet once you have successfully conducted the class and there are no inappropriate reports within 24 hours after the class is conducted.

You will be able to cash out the payment to your bank account(or Paypal account later). Dadafish will then transfer the payment to your bank account as soon as we can. It normally takes 2–3 working days for the banks to clear the payments.

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