[Fun fact]: Did you know that English and German share 60% of their vocabulary?

Jul 11, 2016 · 4 min read
Do you speak German?

Guten Morgen! (or Good Morning)

If you didn’t know, German language and English are actually sister languages. This actually means that if you can speak English, you are already half way there with speaking German! However, be careful of words like “gift” and “rat” in German as they don’t necessarily mean the same as its English counterpart.

“Gift” in German means poison while “Rat” means advice. So go ahead and accept rats from your German friends but be careful of gifts!

Globally German is spoken by 100 million native speakers and 80 million non-native speakers and while it may be the 11th most spoken language in the world, its actually the #1 most common mother tongue in Europe, defeating Spanish, French and even English. Not only that, German is the official language of four other countries excluding Germany even though majority of its speakers reside within Germany! Add to that impressive list is the fact that German is the #3rd most taught language in the world, following the footsteps of English and French.

Example of a German long word

German is actually famous for using long words as they use compound words to build on each other to create humongous words like one with 63 letters which genuinely means “beef labeling regulation and delegation of supervision law.” That’s quite a mouthful, don’t you think?

Also, were you aware that the first book to be printed was in German? The Gutenberg Bible finished in 1454, is the first book to be printed by any movable print type and you can actually see the book in Mainz Germany.

Gutenberg Bible

Apart from its rich language, Germany is the land with more than 1000 kinds of sausages, beer and the famous Oktoberfest which actually takes place in September!

Germany is the home to extremely well known classical musicians like Beethoven, Bach, Schumann and even if you haven’t heard about these famous people, surely you have heard of Albert Einstein, the most recognized scientist in the world? He was born in Ulm in Germany and his theory in relativity is one of the two pillars in modern physics. Apart from Einstein, Germany has been dominating in the fields of culture and sciences from a long way back in history with contributions to the inventions of LCD screen and automated calculators. Can you imagine a life without these nifty tools?

Aside from contributions in the field of science, there is also a strong representation of all phases of architecture like Renaissance, Gothic and Romanesque- as expressed in their cathedrals and castles.

One of the most famous example of classic German art is the Brandenburg Gate, which was a former gate but now represents Berlin’s unity!

Brandenburg Gate

Who can forget about food when talking about Germany, as all Germans love a hearty cuisine! With over 130 kinds of bread and the birthplace of number of varieties of beer like Pilsner, traditional German cuisine is rich but mouth-watering and delicious. Sausages like Bratwursts and Currywurst are famous all over the world for their succulent taste. You will keep coming back for more, I guarantee!

German Food

If you didn’t know, sports form an integral part in the German culture. With more than 6.3 million official members, the German Football Association is the largest sports organisation of its kind worldwide. There’s more soccer fan clubs in Germany than any other country in the world! Apart from football, Germany is also famous for motorsports, with the world’s most successful Formula 1 racer, Michael Schumacher, hailing from Germany itself.

German fans during World Cup Football finals

There is so much more to explore about the German culture as this was just a tiny peek into this vibrant culture!

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Viel Spaß! (Have fun)