[How it went]: Cultural Language Learning Classes

Last weekend, we had a couple of language classes held and due to overwhelming response, some classes had to be hosted twice! Here is a summary of how these classes went and what the students felt:

Japanese Writing Class

Students were able to practice writing some Japanese words/letters. The once thought ‘impossible’ language was made easy by our professional teachers. Many of our students even felt that writing in Japanese was similar to writing in Chinese!

Chinese/Mandarin Language Learning Class

Students were brought to a traditional tea house where a small group of them started learning the Chinese language — Mandarin. The students were taught basic writing, the Chinese characters and pinyin.

Our teacher also went through with students the proper ways to pronounce and write a Chinese word/character. This would be extremely helpful to those who want to be able to converse or write in fluent Mandarin in future! Our international students found this helpful for them as they can now speak simple mandarin to their Chinese friends in Singapore!

If you are interested in learning Mandarin, lucky for you! We will be opening a new beginner’s course real soon so stay tuned for more!