[How it went]: Italian culture & language sharing

Our host

Fabrizio is an Italian language teacher as well as a chef. He loves art, culture, food and many other cool lifestyle things.

How it went

Firstly, he welcomed everyone to his home with an Italian and Singapore flag, as well as a whiteboard with sweet greetings from Dadafish.

He introduced the history, culture, language and travel information of Italy before getting us familiar with the value system of Italians.

Did you know that Italy was only united around the 1860–1870s? Neither did we! In addition, for Italians, family comes first, followed by friends and hobbies, followed by work. Money comes last. This applies to him too and it is indeed quite a common trait for all Italians. He also shared his books, paintings and wines with us!

Unfortunately, he will be leaving Singapore soon. However, when he comes back in October, he plans to invite more people to have lunch at his home. That’ll be really cool!

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