How to book a class in 4 simple steps

Dadafish is a community where you can discover cool things to experience. Be it Arts/Crafts, Language, Cooking, Sports, we have plenty! Here is a guide on how you can book and pay for your unique experiences! Just follow this 4 simple steps and you are good to go!

Download the Dadafish app
  1. Download the Dadafish app, available on iPhone and Android.

2. Browse a class.

3. Select the class(For instance, the Turkish Ebru Painting class or the Taekwondo class) and make a booking by pressing ‘Make A Booking’.

4. For fixed classes(like the one-off ebru painting class), you can simply proceed to pay and you are done. Your calendar will now reflect that you have an upcoming class!

5. For recurring classes(like the Taekwondo class), you can choose many sessions at one go. Choose a date that you can make it on the calendar.

A special case when there are multiple time slots in the same day

6. If the host allows multiple available time slots, you can select the timing that fits you best.

7. The total fee will then be displayed. Please proceed to payment by clicking the bottom part of the screen.

8. You can choose to pay by pay-pal or credit card(Visa/Mastercard)

9. Should you choose pay-pal, please log in and authorize payment.

10. You are done! Your calendar will now reflect that you have an upcoming class!