We’re making too much a big deal of this.
Baz Hart

Interesting way to look at it friend. It is what you make of it (as I understand you). 
Just thinking sideways. So if say I’m addicted to Heroin but it’s not a big deal to me, then there is no problem..; except everyone around me can’t live with me bc I’d be stealing their stuff to support my habit. Eventually I’d be living in squalor and generally making life miserable to those around me.

I’m big on live and let live so no judgement on the life choices of others but…if another’s life choices impact on mine enough so that I am actively being hurt by their actions, I’ll move away.

I haven’t figured out the path to sainthood (yet lol).

re: the phone time, I have a problem and it’s hard af to let the phone go and do the important things. But I’m working on it. Just sharing my experiences along the way.