Protecting Your Rights: Why You Need a Lawyer for Assault and Battery Charges

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Facing assault and battery charges suddenly feels like you are being held at the edge of a cliff with only a tiny breeze required to fall over. These are charges that cannot be ignored or shaken off without some experienced support.

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A strategic defense cultivated by a lawyer for assault and battery is crucial to your future. Without one, you risk losing out on many future opportunities because of a harmful note on your permanent record.

Understanding Assault and Battery in Florida

In Florida, assault and battery often go hand in hand. Even though these are separate charges, you may find yourself on the receiving end of both. Assault is something known as an unperfected battery. It doesn’t involve the actual touching of another person but the threat or possibility of violence.

Battery is different. This is where physical contact occurs. Even something as simple as a push can be deemed harmful in the eyes of the court. When the term “aggravated” is added to assault, you are likely to be charged with a felony due to a weapon being involved.

The Potential Penalties for Assault and Battery in Florida

Without an experienced lawyer for assault and battery, you run the risk of being convicted. That can result in something as minor as six months probation for simple assault or up to years in jail for aggravated situations.

Most of these crimes carry some form of jail time, fine, or probationary period. The social consequences of these outcomes will adversely affect one’s ability to secure employment, find housing, and maintain personal relationships.

Why You Need a Lawyer for Assault and Battery Charges

A lawyer for assault and battery aims to lower the temperature of the charges. They gather evidence and begin to pick apart the prosecution’s charges, surgically uncovering weaknesses that can be dismissed or countered in the legal arena.

Some of the more common defenses that work against assault and battery charges include:

  • There was no intent to harm, indicating a misunderstanding.
  • Any threat of violence was conditional due to an extreme situation.
  • You are defending yourself or others who could not act on their own.
  • You are following Florida’s “Stand Your Ground” law.
  • This was an incident of mutual combat.
  • The battery was an accidental touching outside of your control or intent.

There are other defenses, but it is easy to see how a seasoned lawyer for assault and battery can find a way to lower the charges or get them wholly dismissed so you can move on with your life.

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