Which Projects Need React? All Of Them!
Sacha Greif

I work with React every day and I like React, but… I agree with Chris. It depends. Not convinced that components are ultimate and best for all cases (saying that view is a function that takes state as an argument is nearly forgotten). CSS in JS is not silver bullet, too. And tooling and boilerplate, ufff.

Having small pure jsx based tool for components would be nice, instead of heavy machinery of big React that adds hundreds of kB to the bundle no matter of optimization and tree shaking. Very easy and lightweight build tool, that even regular developer can understand and setup in a minute instead of (excellent but) deep magic of webpack. No, create-react-app is not an answer, it just hides the machinery behind the image of hammer.

For medium projects I’m happy having tools like React, Recompose, Redux, Apollo. But for small projects I’m trying to find smaller tool. And usually thinking again about the basics and the fact that React does NOT rules the world and that we have Javascript after all. So far React is very often the best solution but once we consider it as a given, we become blind and forget to be curious, to think out of the (box of) React.

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