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Talk to apps

Bot frenzy is happening about fb messenger, kik, wechat, slack and others.

But this is just the (most visible and hot) application of so powerful textual UI.

Look at a typical app.

It may do myriad of things but the UI limits it. All these possible (and sometimes useful) features and settings go against usability and simplicity. “Make it simple and cut off all non-essential features” is the design mantra excellently executed by Apple among others. So it is simple, clean and limited.

But people are different. Some like it hot and some cold.

Text UI could be a great addition to app interface. Don’t be lost in the menu, submenu, preferences, tabs… just say/write what you want.

“Make space before each paragraph.”

“Never shuffle this album.”

“I want to see hidden files”

Even Apple has the possibility to tweak many aspects of it’s UI. For example, the last thing is possible to do in the terminal (what?) by typing: defaults write AppleShowAllFiles YES (whaaaat?)

This concept is not new.

To take one example — SublimeText editor. It can do a ton of things. But the UI hides most of the them. You may think that it’s dumb.

It isn’t. There is one powerful shortcut that allows you to say what you want.

When you add new functionality, you can immediately reach all its commands with this “ask me” UI. You even add new functionality with this UI — type “install”, select and done.

Awesome! More of them!

Apps can stay to be clean and simple to use and… super powerful with this text UI.

Because everyone is different. Some like it hot.


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