It is the end of a decade. A period of time that saw me become a father. It has been a ten-year span that has taught me many lessons. I have learned many things about myself, my nutrition, my money, my family, my priorities and my body. But it all pales in comparison to the things I have learned via my experiences with my son.

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Our son remained un-diagnosed for four years. (Credit: Downunder Dad, 2011)

Please tell us a little bit about your story?

For the first 35 years of my life, the only time I had come across the words Asperger’s Syndrome was in 2013 in an Eminem song entitled ‘Wicked Ways’. Interestingly, my experience and understanding timeline seems to align with that of society in general, at least in Australia.

Growing up through thirteen years of school and five years of university I had very little awareness of Autism. Looking back, with what I know now, I should have. I am positive that I have shared classrooms and friendships with many (yes “many”) extraordinary individuals who are “on the spectrum”.

It is…

Chances are that you have been to Vegas or that you want to go. Or that you have been and you want to go again. I was lucky enough (get it, “lucky”?) to head across to the fabulous gambling capital of the world for my 40th birthday with my lovely and understanding wife. She even agreed to leave the kids at home.

There is an overwhelming amount of things to do in Las Vegas and therefore a lot of different ways you can spend (or lose) your money. We learned plenty, and when you travel to the other side of…

I am now convinced that Mark Manson is a modern day genius. This is the best book I have ever read. I already want to read it all over again.

Manson’s online blog attracts over two million readers per month, he boasts nearly half a million likes on his Facebook page and has sold over six million copies of his first book The Subtle Art of not Giving a Fuck to many intrigued folks who had not heard of him. Myself included.

According to Manson’s own website… “My most recent book Everything is Fucked: A Book About Hope debuted…

I went dry this July for Dry July. Along with 43,017 other well-intentioned heroes.

Two factors were key in deciding to go without the booze for 31 days. Firstly, I was into my second day of an epic red wine hangover. And secondly, we had a sincerely close friend battling cancer.

“Sure,” I thought, “it’s the least I could do”.

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I did raise a decent chunk of money for Redkite, a wonderful cause and a previous employer of Mrs DD. …

I hated Fortnite. I gave it a real crack but could not get into it, kind of like jogging.

My friends were super into the smash hit multiplayer release, they were well hooked, they spent money on new look weapons and outfits, many of them absolutely loved it for months on end.

I found the controls clunky, my connection (and my aim) slightly off, the gameplay repetitive and overall my skills were massively lacking. I was quickly of the opinion I was never going to be good enough to enjoy it. I still reckon I was right about that. …

The main lesson from my maiden voyage on a yacht recently is an easy one, I can quickly cut to the chase. I want to spend more time on yachts!

Where have these glorious and magnificent beasts been all my life? Honestly, if you haven’t tried it yet, do it. Just contact your local yacht club and ask some questions, I did. What a bloody wonderful experience from start to finish.

It is very social The most pleasing observation during my time aboard was learning how conducive it is to have a conversation. I was sailing with a few mates…

I always knew it would come to this, time to share my work. Shit.

As I have gotten older I have certainly cared less and less about what other people think of me. Not because I am dwindling my personal care-factor levels towards wearing old and bally Kmart tracky-pants, a Bintang singlet and thongs in public. But because I am more comfortable with who I am.

I find myself anxious and nervous about sharing this body of work with my friends and family, yet I have zero concerns about website visitors I don’t know potentially showing up. …

Have you heard, the FIRE is spreading?! There is a movement afoot. It’s a mindset, a system, a cult-like community. It’s an age-old way of thinking that has been given a modern day dose of manscaping, not to mention the positive impact and passions of countless extraordinary women.

Like any wonderful and worshiped venture it is cloaked in common sense and intentional contemplation that spans generations. It is simple, effective, proven and mysterious.

Financial independence. Retire early. FIRE.

Even the acronym itself taunts you. Come on, join us, we dare you.

I concede I am currently hooked. I am fascinated, impressed and motivated. I am thirsty for more techniques and ideas on how I can optimise my one-and-only life.

He writes regularly, ruthlessly and uniquely, brandishing a style that has resonated with millions… He is passionate, relatable and tackles complex financial concepts by unforgivingly suggesting that the mindless…

Decision fatigue is a real thing, as is actual fatigue. I did not even realise I was suffering two major bouts of decision fatigue until I used group fitness classes to remove both of them entirely.

Heading to the gym, in fact joining a gym in the first place, is always a well-intentioned and noble pursuit. There exists a general aspiration of physical improvement and healthy well-being, driven by motivations derived from personal hopes and goals. …

I am not a very health-conscious kind of guy, which is another reason I am grateful for Mrs DD. She does all the food shopping, meal planning, recipe sourcing, cooking (pretty much all of it) and research when it comes to what our entire family eats. There is a lot on her plate.

So it threw everything out of whack recently when she recognised she needed professional advice regarding her own diet. So selfish! …

Downunder Dad

We all say we want to try new things. Well now that I am in my 40s (shudder) I am giving everything a crack. Downunder Dad is a simple archiving of life lessons

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