Tune in……….drop out.

I was already reaching for my headphones , as he was being connected . He , being the generic looking business man ,sitting across from me ,in the busy train carriage. Just before i had started my music playlist from my mobile phone,i heard him say ,loudly ; so people will know he has an important job and is therefore a worthwhile human being, “morning, could you put me through to Linda in accounts , i ……that’s as far as he got ,in my world anyway, as the first chill out tune started from my playlist ,drowning out his annoying voice.

Linda was now listening at the other end of the line ,from her desk at the Crawley office. “ I won’t be dropping in those documents later, Linda, as i have bought a one-way ticket to somewhere very far away.” “Have a good life ,bye”. His name doesn’t matter too much,but lets call him Mike. He is 43 ;plenty young enough to start a new life ,on a far flung Indonesian island. He had been living a quiet single life for long enough to have saved enough for at least a years travel,before probably looking for a job as an English teacher ,and to have had enough of the rat race in general.

Linda ,after having just put the phone down, was blankly staring out of the rain streaked office window, imagining stretching out on a sun lounger, gazing up through the palm fronds above, into the deepest blue tropical sky ,distractedly hearing Mike’s voice ,from the beach bar, asking if she wanted crushed ice in her cocktail. Someone dropped a heavy folder of paperwork onto her already busy desk ,snapping her out of her brief fantasy.

Well …….mike and myself were, in effect ,both dropping out and tuning in ; him OUT of the rat race and INTO a tropical paradise , myself, OUT of his awful, office based train conversation, and INTO my chill out playlist.

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