3 little words may have just unleashed art on the entire world…

What3words.com has made headlines by developing a new coordinate system composed of (you guessed it) 3 words. This is especially useful for those in parts of the world without a well-developed system of addresses (like Mongolia).

Just like when you first googled your own name — there is an immediate curiosity to find out how your home address translates. The good news is that the 3x3 meter squares likely give you more than one sequence to choose from. As you reflexively mouse over each neighboring space you might wonder if it is some form of cheap horoscope. Thankfully, the words are chosen at random and the creators have done a good job or making sure that you don’t find something derogatory (idiot.lives.here). There are many more jokes to be made in this vein.

Perhaps there is a greater endeavor to be taken on though. Could those three words be used as the inspiration for a work of art? Take a look at the areas you travel regularly, or the places you’ve always wanted to go. Make those three words be the first lines in a haiku a short story, or an image.

Soon there will likely be an image generator that takes your address and makes a customized return label to make your mail more memorable. With 57 trillion options, there is plenty of blank canvas to fill.

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