Governor Research Assignment

The current governor of Pennsylvania is Tom Wolf. Born in a small town in York County, Pennsylvania, Wolf was born into a relatively wealthy family and studied at Dartmouth, the University of London, and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He also spent two years in the Peace Corps. In 1975 Wolf married his wife Frances, with whom he had two daughters. He has a reputation for honesty among his acquaintances.

Wolf worked for some time as a forklift operator and warehouse worker at the Wolf Organization, the family business. Eventually Wolf and two of his cousins bought the business and spent the next 25 years growing the company until it became the largest supplier of kitchen cabinets in the country. Finally in 2006 they sold the company, after which Wolf began his political career, starting with his appointment to the position of secretary of revenue by Governor Ed Rendell. Wolf began a campaign for governor in 2009 but pulled out of the race when he discovered that the old family business was bankrupt. He bought back the company and worked to save it while still continuing to provide workers with benefits and returning 20 to 30 percent of the business’ profits back to them. Wolf ran for office again and was sworn in as Pennsylvania’s 47th governor in 2015.

Governor Wolf is a Democrat and campaigned with the motto that he would be a “different kind of governor.” Important issues on Governor Wolf’s agenda include creating jobs, improving public education, and changing the public health system by expanding Medicaid. In the realm of education Wolf seeks to restore funding for education that the previous governor cut. For this purpose he instituted, among other things, a gas extraction tax. Tom Wolf is pro-abortion and believes in same-sex marriage. He also put a moratorium on the death penalty.