I’ve heard some beautiful lines of shakespeare about life i.e.

I slept and found that life is beauty,

I woke and saw that life is duty!!!

Behind the beauty of these lines, there lies a truth about life which everyone realises at a certain point in one’s life. I sometimes think what is this life meant for? What are we doing here?It seems like a play…where we all are merely playing our roles, starting from an infant to various different phases like a child, parents, grandparents, etc. Everyone has different goals in their lives but the point is what is the aim of this life? We keep on going untill death rings bell.

I define LIFE like a train, isn’t it similar? We meet alot of people or passengers in this journey. Some of them be there for the rest of the journey whereas some just become memories.All of us are not aware of our destinations but just keep travelling…. This is why, someone has well said that Journey is more important than destination. I can say I am a freaky traveller, enjoying this journey. Although I get mood swings sometimes but yet end it optimistically because the journey(life) is also a kind of challenge, either we must face or pay. So better to face it with courage and conquer the negativity.

I thank God who is the driver of this train for giving me a life, which alot of hearts across the footpath just dreams of. I wish I can add a meaning to this life and make it worthful .

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