Closing up the 2015

As the year is coming to an end I can’t resist myself but to summarize all the things that I’ve learned.

This year wasn’t spectacular and nothing really big hasn’t happened even though I expected it, but that just means it wasn’t a time for it.

Takeaways from 2015:

• Be patient, if things are not going in a way you imagine them don’t be desperate. This doesn’t mean they are wrong, it just means the timing is not right. So be patient & things will eventually happen if they’re meant to be.

• If you don’t like where you are — change it.

• Even if you’re scared to death of what are the consequences, say aloud everything you don’t like. Don’t you ever keep things in your head only. This certainly isn’t the way things will change and nobody can know that you’re unhappy if you don’t say it. It is scary, its takes courage, it is outside of the comfort zone but it’s definitely worth it.

• Stand for yourself. Nobody will do it for you.

• If you want something really bad, go get it.

• Follow your intuition because what it says to you is usually the right thing to do.

• Risk. It pays off every single time.

• Dare to dream big.

• Challenge yourself on a daily basis.

• Enjoy in small things.

• Don’t take close people for granted.

• There are people you can trust.

• Do things that makes YOU happy. If you are not happy, than people around will not be happy either.

• There are things you should keep for yourself.

• Appreciate others.

• Support is super important.

• Keep setting bars high.

Happy 2016! Make it count!

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