My Journey To Improvement

This is my journey on improving my visual taste in interface designs. I know that everyone of us feel the same about self-improvement. The journey itself consist of improving 3 main visual needs that i feel need to meet an improvement, they are : Trends, Illustrations, and Motion design.

First Approach : Trends

Sign In/Sign Up Examples

Sometimes, all you need to do is look into how the world of design goes around you. And 2016, is literally a year of gradients and colour experiments. So i decided to have it on my design improvement too.

Icon & Illustration

Another one for me is icon and illustration trends. Outline icons/illustration is making a big impact this year. We saw it on dribbble, behance, anywhere. Product Managers start to tell their designers to consider in making one. So i decided to try it too. And the experiment resulted in a flight-based app concept.

Motion Design

Motion design is making a HUGE impact

In case of prototyping or showcasing my works to audience/clients, i decided to improve my motion design skills. That’s when i meet this great apps called Principle where i can making one or two interface in no time. This app is a total game-changing for me.

Thanks for reading, you can follow my work on

Instagram, Dribbble, Behance

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