David Adkin
Feb 19 · 1 min read

Hey Cheer Huang! I mainly argued that flowing through building spaces was the same thing as flowing through a software interface. You enter into the space through this room and progress to that room = You enter the site here and then click here and then go there. I also talked about how the relationship between designers and engineers was the same thing. Structural engineers want it to be as simple as possible and architects want it to be crazy in the same way that developers want it simple and consistent while UX designers want it to be crazy. In both cases, you have to strike a balance and weigh the pros and cons. Finally, I argued that (at the time) there really weren’t even schools for UX design and how architecture schools teach the same skills needed — graphics, practical vs emotional, presentation & feedback skills.

So yeah that was pretty much how I did it… You in a similar situation?? Or what’s your background??

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