David Adkin
Sep 29, 2018 · 2 min read

Hey Elaine, Great Article! I view these types of write ups like an enjoyable conditioning exercise to keep improving my design skills. (So don’t listen to that one response telling you not to post these types of articles.) With that being said, I have some thoughts for your solution:

1) I agree with some of the other comments (via Chris Sumner and Jurgen Desmedt) that your solution takes a machine that was able to handle multiple sports; but now only focuses it on basketball — and not even all basketball use cases. It’s specifically designed for intramural basketball where fouls and timeouts don’t matter. While I think this was great for designing the best UI for intramural basketball, having different machines for every scoreboard use case seems like overkill. A quick fix to this would be to propose a screen before this screen where the person can choose from a list of sports and their use cases. That way the interface can work like you’ve designed it (only the buttons and layouts you need for each use case).

2) Now that we’re in the realm of every UI being different for each scoreboard use case, you could include some smart default buttons for keeping track of the score and changing the times. Having score buttons like +1, +2, and +3 could potentially cut down on accidental scoring mistakes. Having played and watched a lot of basketball I know that scorers will often add the incorrect amount points. Without actually having the time to dig deeper into this issue, it may be because they counted wrong with their button presses. (Note you would still need the plus and minus buttons for correcting mistakes, but these probably wouldn’t be used as much so they could be made smaller. Currently your minus button is as big as your plus button which doesn’t make sense from a use case perspective.)

3) Finally I agree with Yunus that you should move the start game over button away from the play pause and horn buttons. From an information architecture standpoint those feel like different entities.

Ok, that’s it! I enjoyed giving some feedback and your research into this fun problem. Thanks.

David Adkin

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