The Law Offices of Jeffery M. Leving, Ltd. and the O’Connor Law Firm, Ltd. will file suit against Lydia Home Association, Inc. and Safe Families for Children Alliance, Inc., both commonly known as Safe Families for Children, on February 7, 2018 at 12:00 noon on the 8th floor of the Richard J. Daley Center in Chicago. There will be a press conference on the 8th floor of the Daley Center at noon. Leving and O’Connor will file suit against Safe Families on behalf of their client, Justin Freeman, who tragically lost his nine-month-old baby daughter, Cherish Lynn Freeman, as a result of the reported negligence of Safe Families.

The lawsuit is a follow up to the breaking news story about the mother, Shanquilla Garvey-Howard, who is charged with the murder of the infant, Cherish, in December 2017. The suit is being brought by the infant’s father. Copies of the Complaint will be available at the February 7th press conference.

In December of 2017, the Safe Families program released Cherish Freeman back to the care of her mother, Shanquilla Garvey-Howard, directly against the warnings of her father, Justin Freeman, who requested to have Cherish placed in his custody. Only days later, Cherish was allegedly brutally beaten by her mother, causing her to suffer multiple skull fractures, internal bleeding, coma, and, ultimately death.

Safe Families allegedly failed Cherish Freeman and she became an innocent victim. Safe Families reportedly failed to exercise reasonable care and ensure Cherish’s safety. It was further reported that they failed to report allegations of abuse to the Department of Children and Family Services and to obtain her father’s consent to release Cherish back to her mother — a reported failure that cost baby Cherish her life.

Justin Freeman is a father who tried to protect his daughter and was ignored. He is devastated by the loss of his baby daughter and seeks justice on her behalf. It is his hope that this suit will help to safeguard other children from suffering a similar fate at the hands of the very agency which should be protecting these innocent children.

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