Discrimination is the foundation of civilisation; And the extent to which a population does not have the right to discriminate against anyone, at any time, for any reason, is the extent to which that civilisation will degrade & crumble — or fail to reach it’s potential.

Discrimination is the discerning of good from evil, the beautiful from the ugly, the pleasing from the unpleasant. …

There is no such thing as right wing politics

There is no such thing as “right-wing” politics or ideology. Or, to be clearer, there is no meaning to the term “right-wing” other than to mean “not left-wing”.

I’ve written about this previously in other formats but I want to restate what should be an obvious truth a little more precisely this time, as the modern myth of right-wing ideology is both as pervasive and pernicious as it is stubbornly persistent.

Part 1: The Problem

Firstly, I’ll less precisely delineate the left & right of this so-called spectrum as follows:

The left believes in the primacy of the broad collective over the individual. …

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