How to React when Someone is Shouting or Yelling at you?

Every single one of us has been yelled at some point in our life or the other; whether it was the manager at work taking out his frustration, friend losing his temper at something trivial or parent getting mad on the behavior. For many, mostly it is the angry girlfriend who is losing it after she had to wait for a few minutes.

some points mention are below..

1. Remain Calm

2. Take A Step Back to Access The Situation

3.Never Agree With The Yeller

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There could be circumstances when you feel threatened by the person yelling. If this is not the first instance that the person has yelled at you and you have conveyed how being yelled at makes you feel, then it is high time that you cease all kinds of communication with the person. Send a brief letter or email about your wish to cut ties with them and stop talking to them altogether.

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