Will The Rise of Conversational UIs Be The Downfall of Designers?
Dharmesh Shah

One thing I find is often overlooked in the excitement about conversational UIs is the question of “Who will build them?”. In order to really be able to gather experience in designing for this new kind of UI, there has to be an open platform for designers and developers to experiment with.

Products like Apple’s Siri, Google Now, Facebook M, Amazon Alexa and friends all show a promising future of a simplified and more natural user interface. Very similar to the history of operating systems, I think that there also has to be an open alternative to explore the full potential.

My own experiment (video) is still in its humble beginnings but I hope to see similar projects show up in the future to share ideas and experiences about conversational UIs and not just leave it to “the big guys” to figure it out.

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