“The Temple of Pizza”

credits to Dafne Berdini

London claims to be a lively and multicultural city, where everyone is likely to wish and obtain everything they fancy. This is also and especially the case of food. Worldwide dishes are ready to be sampled from East to West, but what about pizza? As everyone knows, the best pizza in the world must be eaten nowhere but in Italy. Italians abroad often struggle to find a good pizza in London.

However, there are few places worth trying. And since February, the heaven of pizza has finally opened its doors to the hungry London-Italian people. This heaven is called “L’Antica pizzeria da Michele”, the world’s ancient pizzeria actually. In Naples it kicked off its activity in 1906, when Michele Condurro decided that pizza was simple and pure. Only two incorruptible tastes can be found in “Da Michele”: Margherita and Marinara.

The London branch is in Stoke Newington, close to the vibrant Angel Station, not far from Shoreditch. There’s plenty of youngsters hanging around.

The location is unusual, not quite similar to the Italian one; the light blue façade with the orange sign is eccentric and eye-catching. Having set foot inside there’s a mix of hipster style, very East End actually, and Italian old fashioned look. With Birra Moretti boxes, black and white pictures hanged on the walls and old dusty bricks.

The waiters, of course, are one hundred per cent Neapolitan, they can barely speak English, but their reign is the kitchen, and their throne is the oven. Inside, the process of pizza making is like a well-oiled machine. Pomodoro, basil, mozzarella, extra virgin olive oil and of course the dough, and the best pizza in the world is ready to be tasted.

Long queues are waiting outside every day, curious people are asking about all the movement around the small and cosy pizza place.

For those who were looking for an Italian memory, cheaper than a flight to Italy, Da Michele is the right place to be right now in London.

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