Update On Xolane Ndhlovu's $1 million Ukraine Relief Funds

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2 min readMar 9, 2022


We are heartbroken about the violence in Ukraine and if you are in Eastern Europe, we hope that you are safe.

We are grateful to our chairman for his gesture toward Africans who are directly affected by the ongoing conflict.

Yesterday Mr. Xolane Ndhlovu, the chairman of DafriGroup PLC announced $1 million relief funds through DafriBank for Africans affected by Ukraine- Russian conflict and we are here to ensure that the funds reached the people it intended for.


•You have to be living in conflict zone before the conflict

•You have to certify us with proof

•The 400 repatriated by the Nigerian government are by default qualified for this grant.

•We will be working with relevant authorities to obtain the official list of these returnees.

•You need a DafriBank Account to receive the grant.

•Withdrawal via select digital currencies available.

•Eligible claimants please reach out to us at finance@dafribank.com with relevant information and your DafriBank Account number.

Our team will continue to work around the clock to help our customers navigate the situation, and we will continue to share more as the situation evolves

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